Thursday, June 15, 2017

80. 6/15/17

" ... if 20 little children can be shot in their Connecticut school without triggering national gun law reform, it's not likely that the wounding of several adults in Virginia will do the trick."

so sad but so true

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June 15, 1943
74 years ago

"The ruling was handed down while the nation was celebrating Flag Day in commemoration of the 164th anniversary of the Stars and Stripes."

Oh those justices sure were good at setting up ironic coincidences like that!

Check out this picture:

"Objections to the salute as 'being too much like Hitler's' were raised ... some modification appears to have been made ..."

Looks like a fascist salute to me.

A hand-drawn map shows German incursion attempts at various points south of Moscow.

The Donets River:

"He was sentenced to be shot, but was commuted to fifty years' imprisonment at hard labor."

And in five years time, he and his entire family would be "deported" to Germany. Why was he given such lenient treatment? I found only one article, from Communities Digital News, which said that the original sentence (death) was reduced to 50 years "because of his cooperation with American intelligence personnel."


" ... [I]t must be plain to the Italian people that Italy herself is in fact the last Power on earth that can afford a German victory, and that there is an alternative to the suicide of the Italian nation."

Pretty melodramatic stuff, but with the "production and sale of radio sets having been prohibited in Italy" ... necessary.


Of all the war articles in today's paper, this one struck me as the most poignant (and gruesome):

"Lieutenant [Samuel S.] Logan [22, of Paola, Kan.] was flying a Corsair with United States fighters that intercepted from forty to fifty Zeros and enemy bombers over the Russell Islands on June 7. As he attacked a Zero that was firing on an Army P-40, his own tail surfaces were ripped apart. He climbed from the cockpit and jumped.

The Zero swooped on Lieutenant Logan. Firing machine guns, the Japanese made four passes under the falling flier, coming so close the first two times that Lieutenant Logan had to lift his feet to escape.

When the Zero made the third pass Lieutenant Logan was busy trying to manoeuvre the chute and failed to pull up his feet. He was hit. The enemy pilot made one more attack and then was chased away by a United States Army plane.

Lieutenant Logan fell into the sea, inflated his life raft, took sulpha and morphine tablets and applied a tourniquet to his right leg. With a metal mirror he signaled to a reconnaissance plane. It landed on the water, picked him up and flew him to a base hospital."

Holy shit.

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