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82. 6/17/17

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June 17, 1899
118 years ago

"As the outcome of quarrels over the Dreyfus affair, two duels were fought here to-day between two officers, naval and artillery, and two professors at the public school. One of each profession was wounded."

Surely, the brest of all possible outcomes ...

A report fit for a screenwriter:

A crowd of what is known as the Reece faction was in a saloon. All were armed, and just as a party of the opposing faction came down the street a gun of one of the Reece band was accidentally discharged. There was a rallying of forces on both sides immediately. Ranger Taylor was near the saloon, and, single-handed, he disarmed all the members of both factions ... The feud commenced in 1891, and has so far resulted in the killing of six prominent citizens of the town."

"The first outbreak [of rioting] occurred ... when the street railway company sent a car from Lake View filled with non-union employes and guarded by a force of policemen, to attempt to operate the Holmden Avenue line. The south siders did not take kindly to the imported motormen and conductors, and bricks, stones, and eggs were hurled at the car."

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82. 6/17/17

Off to paradise.   See you in July! TIME MACHINE June 17, 1899 118 years ago Page 1 DREYFUS DUELS FOUGHT AT BREST "As...