Friday, June 16, 2017

81. 6/16/17

"'You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history -- led by some very bad and conflicted people!' President Trump wrote on Twitter on Thursday morning."

Very bad = gave campaign $ to Dems
Conflicted = professional

"For the fourth time in 12 weeks I marked myself safe on Facebook. In Britain."

I imagine we're going to see something like The Patriot Act on steroids soon in the U.K. Lacking strong First Amendment-type firewalls, civil liberties might start flying out the window.

He stole a poster.

They nearly beat him to death.

Ever since I read this book, nothing like this surprises me. Shock and disgust, yes. But surprise -- 

a good surprise would be regime change in the North.

And why blame Obama, Mr. Warmbier? I would think his anger should be directed at Young Pioneer Tours -- sales pitch: "budget travel to destinations your mother would rather you stayed away from" (still on the website after all this) ...

Pakistan and geopolitics is the key.
  • $30 billion in aid since 2002. Time for some quid pro quo;
  • "such 'sticks' are unlikely to change Pakistan's behavior, because its existential concerns are tied to broader regional priorities ... we must understand and address Pakistan's strategic anxieties."
  • Key geopolitical factor: India. Randomization of possible scenarios, including scary nuclear;
  • Pakistan's ultimate desire: the Taliban "back into the political fold," without allowing them to control Afghanistan -- counterbalancing the Indian possibilities, while preventing the Taliban from spreading their influence across the border;
  • US must stoke India-Pakistan dialogue;
  • US must get serious about a political settlement in Afghanistan, including the Taliban;
  • now bring in China: " ... the U.S. should work closely with China to encourage Pakistan. They risk losing their $60 billion investment if the region "remains unstable."
Does 45 have a Henry Kissinger or a Dennis Ross to make this shit happen?

Chinese Cloverleaf:

June 16, 1873
144 years ago

"The expedition now in Moab as at present organized, consists of Lieut. E. Z. Steeon, A. M., United States Army, chief engineer and commander, and a staff of nine assistants. Including eighteen muleteers, the caravan numbered twenty-seven men and sixty-two animals."



What was happening in big city 144 years ago.


Today this article seems so out-of-place; it is ridiculously condescending. But in 1873:

"[In] negro-cars -- in which, by the way, it was no uncommon thing to find whites sitting."

"Their stories were sufficiently amusing, and were told with such good nature ... that I tried in vain to conjure up the spirit of evil and hate which I had once thought possessed the heart of every 'Johnny Reb'."

"True, the blacks are not permitted to occupy the same cars upon railroads with whites, except where they appear as servants, nurses or attendants; but how long is it since in our own City of New-York colored cars were an institution?"

"As I see these people busy in their avocations, contented, happy, prosperous in various degrees ... I find it hard to realize that only a few short years ago they were slaves. What a strange, wonderful transition it is!"


A vivid description that brings John Ford into focus:

"The Commission found that it was unsafe to travel without protection. They were accordingly given a regiment of cavalry as an escort, of which, however, they were soon deprived by the epizootic. They subsequently were attended by a detachment of infantry, and traveled in ambulances drawn by mules. In this way they traversed the entire border from the mouth of the Rio Grande to the western limits of Texas. They found society in a greatly disorganized state. Life and property were constantly in jeopardy. Natives do not venture beyond the immediate limits of their homes except with companions and arms."

"The Comanches, in the Indian Territory, are implicated in this purchase and sale of captives. One boy had been tied to a wild buffalo that was let loose, to teach him bravery."

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