Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1. 3/28/17

I need to thank an old frenemy, Stu Mark, for encouraging me to blog. I think it was around 2006 or so, and I first heard the name Barack Obama at his house. So at some point, I did set up my blog, where I mostly write about music and film and family stuff.

Today, I begin a new blog. I am going to try and spew out a few thoughts about something I read in today's New York Times.

3/28/17 -- Page A4


Somalia, South Sudan, Nigeria and Yemen. As you read this, several people in those countries just died from hunger and thirst. Are you hungry or thirsty? Could you satisfy your craving for food and/or water in the next few minutes, if you wanted to? I seriously doubt if anyone reading this right now can answer in the negative. So -- check out this paragraph from the article:

In some areas of central Somalia, a 20-liter gerry can of water, about five and a quarter gallons, used to cost 4 cents. In recent weeks, that price has shot up to 42 cents. That may not sound like a lot. But when you make less than a dollar a day and your flock of animals -- your family's pride and wealth -- has been reduced to a stack of bleached bones and your farm to dust, you may not have 42 cents.

Now let's move on with our lives and turn to Page A5:

Oh, it's a full-page ad. For Macy's. Buy any Clinique products worth $28 or more and receive a free 7-piece gift (a $70 value). Have you already forgotten about that little kid who is dying with a bucket of filthy water in a basin below the bed? Well, go ahead and buy the beauty products.

But think -- $98 (with only $28 coming out of your pocket) would buy 233 of those 42-cent water cans. Multiply that by the number of compassionate people who probably did not vote for our current president, and it seems to me that we've already saved a few kids from a horrible death.

Oh, and you look great the way you are!

I feel so fucking helpless.

Save the Children

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  1. Preach!! Our dollars can go far to help, and f*** the materialistic nature of our society. Thanks for the link, will donate now.


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