Monday, May 15, 2017

49. 5/15/17

"When the Soviets liberated [Berlin] in 1945, only a few thousand Jews remained, according to the Jewish Museum Berlin."

"There's a difference between something being hip and trendy, and something being fetishized."

I can do without the gefilte fish. Yuck.

"[A] triumph of racist social engineering -- Ta-Nehisi Coates"

"Academic studies regularly show -- and most state election officials agree -- that fraud is rare, and that the kind of fraud Republicans seek to address with voter ID laws is minuscule."

Whacko nut cases. 

"Once you walk in the front door of the Met, to get to an admissions desk, you can turn right and walk past a massive statue depicting an Egyptian pharaoh or swerve left and pass a marble sculpture of the Greek goddess Athena. Then you approach a desk, under a sign that reads: 'Suggested Admission: The amount you pay is up to you.'"

I do not understand why museums don't collect voluntary fees at the end of the visit, as I suggested in this post.

"Digital companies are capable of targeting audiences so narrow that they can pinpoint, say, Idaho residents in long-distance relationships who are contemplating buying a minivan. (Facebook's ads manager says that description matches 3,100 people.)"

Can you believe the weird shit they do with our info?

Wonder how bad things are?

"Venezuela's economy, once Latin America's richest, is estimated to have shrunk by 10 percent in 2016, more than Syria's. Its inflation that year has been estimated as high as 720 percent, nearly double that of second-ranked South Sudan, rendering its currency nearly worthless."

"One conclusion from [this] television season: The gap between a hit and a dud is narrowing by the minute. A show with ratings that would have prompted cancellation not long ago can be the source of some relief these days -- the viewership is not that bad, after all, goes the rationale."

And thus, Timeless, is "uncanceled."

May 15, 1864
153 years ago

Nearly every article is war news.


"The Twenty-third Army Corps moved into Knoxville and took the railroad with them; that is, they took every rail for fifty miles above the city, and piled them up. So if the rebels want to come in that way ..."


A very very long list.


"There is ample room in New-York for the labors of a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals."

A rare example of 19th century compassion, at a time when anyone with power seemed to steamroll over every other living thing. One hundred and fifty-three years later, things don't seem to have changed too much.

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