Saturday, May 13, 2017

47. 5/13/17

I love John Luther Adams (not to be confused with John Adams). The article briefly references Messiaen, but perhaps could have devoted a sentence or two to the monumental Catalogue d'oiseaux -- truly the bible of Classical Birdsong!

" ... 'Mr. Comey better hope' that there are no secret tapes of their conversations that the president could use in retaliation."

"In a telephone interview on Thursday, Scott Livingston -- vice-president for news at Sinclair -- rebuffed suggestions that Sinclair pushed right-leaning views. 'We work very hard to be objective and fair and be in the middle,' he said. 'I think maybe some other news organizations may be to the left of center, and we work very hard to be in the center.'"

The center of the Alt-Right Breitbart Kook Party.

"Having France, with its deep cultural and historical ties to the region, take the lead in counterterrorism operations here saves the United States from having to assume another major military mission."

Sounds very early-60's re: Vietnam type of stuff. Creepage. The colonial masters return. And they speak the same language.

If only.

"A wave of relief washed over Yama Pogo as he searched the names. His daughter's was there ... but nearly a week has passed and Mr. Pogo has yet to see his daughter."

It may sound cruel -- and the Nigerian government's handling of the situation is problematic -- but the security issue is real.

May 13, 1912
105 years ago


"Before leaving for Ohio to-day President Taft prepared a signed statement about his relations with the Roman Catholic Church. The President says that 'there is a conspiracy for the purpose of arousing religious prejudice against me' ..."

For the record, Taft was a Unitarian.


"AT THE FEDERAL FRONT, CONEJOS, Mexico -- This town, only yesterday occupied by the vanguard of the rebels, was riddled with bullets when the Federals galloped into it at sunset. Over the foothills to the north the insurrectos could be seen retreating."

Most of the article quotes General Huerta "talking enthusiastically" about all the death and destruction.


" ... [T]he detectives [hiding] in the pipe organ ... saw the night cleaner lay aside his broom and mops and collect the table linen from the tables and the napkins from the stock pantry directly below the organ. They saw him go to the window, light a cigarette (the signal), and then proceeded to pounce upon him."

You're under arrest for smoking indoors.

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